For guitar lessons in Manchester
Call Michael Woodward on
O776 266 0396

Mike has 20 years’ experience in playing both electric and classical guitar.
He studied the bass in one of London’s finest music schools, “Guitar X”, where he received first hand tuition from the UK’s best session musicians. He uses their techniques in his teaching to date.

He is a session musician himself, playing in working bands ranging from live drum ‘n’ bass to rock, blues and folk, touring, recording and playing at festivals up and down the UK most weekends. This keeps his passion for teaching alive and fresh, and he teaches Monday to Thursday. 

He has had a love for teaching since co-founding the community arts project Bluejam in 2002. He enjoys passing on musical skills to anyone with an interest; whether you want to get into the industry or just be able to play a few songs with your friends at parties, he is more than happy to help.