For guitar lessons in Manchester
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“I work all over Manchester and Cheshire in such areas as Didsbury, Chorlton, Sale, Hale, Altrincham, Prestwich and much further a field. I travel to schools, homes and businesses.

I make individual guitar lesson plans for each of my pupils. This means that the guitar & bass lessons provide a structured progression. Over the hour I build into my lesson plans the  techniques to give all the skills necessary to become a great all round musician.

You don’t have to do all of these but in your first free guitar or bass lesson we can discuss what you want to achieve and build your lessons around that.

Aural training

I can teach you the skills you need to be able to hear a piece of music (or a melody in your head) and play it on the guitar.

Sight reading

To start off with I make exercises that separate the melody and the rhythm, so that you are only concentrating on one at a time. Once you understand these we join the two together.

Scales/ technique

When I first started playing the guitar I used to ask “Why do I have to learn the scales?”. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that improvising  is just using scales in an imaginative way.  I make backing tracks of certain chords that work with the scales you are learning, to make practising more enjoyable and so that you can do lead solos straight away.

Songs of your choice

Whichever songs you wish to learn I transcribe, and make backing tracks of different tempos, so that you can start slowly and gradually get quicker until you can play along with the original track, or just by yourself.

Rockschool books

I work with the Rockschool graded books if you want to achieve your grades on electric guitar or bass. This is a good way to start at your current level  and gradually work through the steps.

LCM classical grades

If you wish to achieve your classical guitar grades I use these books.  They have a good selection of pieces and are well respected worldwide.”  Mike